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Bengali Cow Ghee 250g | 100% Pure Brown Danadar Ghee | Aromatic Ghee


  • Made from best quality milk cream or shor.
  • No added color.
  • No added preservative or artificial aroma.
  • Naturally strong aroma.
  • Danadar texture.
  • Made using traditional techniques without using any machines.

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Bangla Local branded cow ghee is made using the authentic traditional Bengali ghee-making process. Authentic Bengali ghee has a rich, strong natural aroma, a brownish color, and a slightly grainy texture. These characteristics can only be achieved when high-quality milk cream (shor in Bengali) is slow-cooked for a long duration.

When choosing ghee for yourself and your family, it is always better to go for a branded and quality product. These days, there is a lot of adulteration in cow ghee, which is very harmful for human consumption.

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