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MFS Dhoka Dalna Mix | Dhoka Mix

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  • Authentic Dhoka Snack Recipe
  • Easy to Make Dhoka Snack Mix in Just 3 Easy Steps, Makes 24 per Pack
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Flavours or Colours Added, Safe and Hygienic Packaging
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a Clean, Cool, Dry Place, Free from Moisture; Shelf life: 12 Months from Date of Manufacture

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Dhoka is a well-known snack enjoyed in the Eastern regions of India. This crispy and golden-brown textured delicacy is sure to satisfy your cravings right from the first bite. If you’re looking to make this delicious snack in the comfort of your own home, the MFS Instant Dhoka Mix is an excellent choice. Dhoka dalna is a popular variation of the Dhoka snack. It involves cooking the dhoka pieces in a flavorful gravy, creating a mouthwatering curry dish. The dhoka pieces are made from a combination of lentils and spices, which are ground together to form a smooth batter. This batter is then steamed or fried to achieve the desired texture.

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