Soft Khejur Gur
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Soft Khejur Gur (850g to 900g) + Gobindo Bhog Rice (900g) Combo


This combo is specifically for the Payesh lovers. Gobindobhog rice with khejur gur and Milk makes the perfect winter delicacy. This combo comes at a discounted price when compared to buying the same products individually.

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This is a combo of Soft Patali Gur and Gobindobhog Rice. (900g each)

Soft Khejur Gur also known by the name of Patali Gur is a popular Bengali winter delicacy. It has a rich aroma and soft texture. A pure Patali gur will simply melt in your mouth leaving behind a fine taste. In the preparation of sweets such as Rasogolla, Payesh, peethe, etc., people use it.
Bangla Local procures the Patali Gur directly from farmers based in the interior villages of West Bengal.

Gobindo bhog rice is a very popular type of rice among the bengali community. It is majorly produced in West Bengal and is being used in making Payesh, Khichuri, Pulao etc.
The grains of Gobindo bhog rice are comparatively smaller and has a very good natural aroma.
At Bangla local we procure this rice directly from the farmers to ensure utmost quality.

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