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Soft Khejur Gur | Patali Gur 900g – From interiors of West Bengal

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1. The Patali Gur or Khejur Gur we sell is very soft.
2. 900 grams patali comes as a whole in the form of slab uncut and unbroken.
3. Net weight of the gur may vary slightly between 850g to 950g.
4. Transfer the product to a dry container.
5. Refrigerate the product as soon as you receive it.
6. The product has high tendency of melting.
7. This product is 100% Organic.
8. FSSAI No. – 22722922001196

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Soft Khejur Gur also known by the name of Khejur Gur is a popular Bengali winter delicacy. It has a rich aroma and soft texture. A pure Patali gur will simply melt in your mouth leaving behind a fine taste. In the preparation of sweets such as Rasogolla, Payesh, peethe, etc., people use it.
Bangla Local procures the Patali Gur directly from farmers based in the interior villages of West Bengal.

Indulge in the Authentic Flavors of  Soft Khejur Gur Online: Exploring its Cultural Significance and Culinary Uses

Khejur gur is one of those ingredients which a Bengali always craves for. It’s a seasonal delicacy and only available in the winter season which makes it the most eagerly awaited sweet. The caramel-like taste and the distinct aroma of Khejur gur have made its unique place in the heart of every Bengali. Unlike normal gur or jaggery, which is made from sugarcane, khejur gur is made from the sap of the date palm tree, and we will later explain the unique extraction process in this article.

Though this sweet has made its unique place in the North Eastern region of India, it is not that popular in rest of the India. The reason behind this is the limited production of this jaggery. Farmers do not widely grow date palm trees, and even if cultivated, it takes a long time for this plant to become a tree. Whatever the reason, I consider myself lucky to obtain this ingredient every year directly from its source (Villages of West Bengal), and now Banglalocal can deliver it to your doorsteps as well.

Cultural significance of Soft Khejur Gur

Khejur gur also known as Patali gur holds a special place in the heart of Bengali culture. As soon as the winter rings its bell, the sap collection and production of Patali gur starts. This also marks the start of harvesting season in Bengal. Generations pass down the sacred process of making Patali Gur. With its rich history and cultural significance, Khejur Gur has become an integral part of the Bengali identity.

History and traditional methods of Making Soft

Khejur Gur

Though Patali gur is very popular among the Bengali community, very few have the skill of making this delicacy. Mostly, people from the interior villages of West Bengal know the exact process of making Khejur Gur. The process of making this jaggery starts with collecting the Sap from the date palm trees. However, collecting the Sap is again not a very simple process.

A skilled person first identifies the appropriate tree (they have an inherent knowledge of which tree can give sweet sap), then makes a specific cut on the top of the tree and places a bamboo straw one end of which falls into a mud pot covered by grass and leaves. The next day all the pots are collected and then the Sap collected which is also called Khejur Rosh in Bengali is heated in big containers till it thickens and turns slowly into molten jaggery. After this, the shape is given by pouring the molten jaggery into desired containers and then kept for cooling and to solidify.

Culinary uses of Soft Khejur Gur in Bengali cuisine

Khejur gur is a versatile ingredient that goes very well with dairy-based sweets. Not only Bengalis use this ingredient to prepare decadent delicacies such as Patishapta, Nolen gur Rashogolla, Malpua, etc. Its rich caramel taste adds an extra flavor to the typical dessert and makes it come out of any other common dessert.

Health benefits of Khejur Gur

Apart from its culinary uses, Patali Gur also offers several health benefits. Unlike refined sugar, Khejur Gur is a natural sweetener that retains some of the essential nutrients found in dates. It contains essential minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium, which are important for maintaining a healthy body.Its high fiber content, promoting gut health and aiding digestion, is a well-known characteristic of Khejur Gur. Additionally, it has a lower glycemic index compared to refined sugar, making it a healthier alternative for those with diabetes or those trying to manage their blood sugar levels. With its unique combination of flavor and health benefits, Patali Gur is a guilt-free indulgence that can be enjoyed by all.

Where to buy Soft Khejur Gur online

Earlier it used to be difficult to get Khejur Gur or Patali Gur for those living outside of Bengal. However, nowadays thanks to online shopping platforms many sellers have started selling traditional and rare food products online. One such platform is Banglalocal which sources there products directly from West Bengal villages and farmers.

Over time we also have observed that even in West Bengal, it is hard to get genuine soft, and authentic Patali Gur. Mostly in cities, you get the adulterated version of Patali gur which has high refined sugar content. While buying Khejur Gur make sure it is soft and has a caramel taste.

Khejur Gur festivals and celebrations

In West Bengal, people associate Khejur Gur with the very popular festival of Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti. During this festival, Bengal celebrates by flying kites and preparing delicacies made with Patali Gur. This festival in Bengal is celebrated with flying kites and making delicacies made with Patali Gur. Families come together to fly kites, exchange sweets made with Khejur Gur, and take part in traditional rituals.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Indulging in the authentic flavors of Patali Gur is not just about satisfying your taste buds; it is about immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions of Bengal. From its deep, caramel-like taste to its distinct aroma, Khejur Gur is a sweetener like no other. So, why wait? Experience the true essence of Bengali cuisine by indulging in the authentic and aromatic flavors of Khejur Gur.

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