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Buy Bengali Muri Online – Sourced from West Bengal | No sand and Mild Salty | Puffed Rice | No additives – Healthy Snack

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Buy Bengali Muri Online: Puffed rice is a cereal grain renowned for its light and crispy texture, widely utilized in diverse culinary contexts globally. This product is crafted from rice grains subjected to intense heat and pressure, causing them to expand and develop a crunchy, airy consistency. This manufacturing process is akin to the popping of popcorn but without the expansion.

Puffed rice assumes various regional names, such as “muri” in Bengali cuisine, “pori” in South India, “kurmura” in Hindi, and “rice cakes” in some Western cultures. It proves to be a versatile ingredient, suitable for both sweet and savory culinary creations.

In savory preparations, puffed rice is frequently employed to concoct delectable snacks like bhel puri, jhal muri, and rice-based trail mixes. Its adaptability allows it to harmonize with a plethora of spices, herbs, and condiments, rendering a flavorful and gratifying snack.

Conversely, in sweet dishes, puffed rice serves as a fundamental component in the production of cereal bars, crispy treats, and desserts. It is also a common inclusion in breakfast cereals and pairs effortlessly with milk and sugar.

Puffed rice is admired for its feathery, light consistency, making it the ideal choice for crafting crisp and gratifying snacks and desserts. Its neutral flavor profile readily complements a wide array of seasonings and ingredients.

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Muri is an Indian anytime snack item that is available almost everywhere in the country. However, the muri which are made in Bengal hold the top position. The taste and texture are very different from others, which comes from the choice of rice used while making the muri. At Bangla local, we ensure that our customer gets the same authentic and traditionally hand-made muri that they use to have in older days. Our muri are made by hand and from selected parboiled rice grains.

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