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Tal Mishri – From West Bengal | Made with 100% Palm syrup | No Sugar added

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  • Palm when sucked relieves cough and sore throat, it is vital for singers.
  • Palm candy taken with cloves or pepper alleviates respiratory difficulties, due to cough and cold, especially when dissolved in hot water or boiled with cloves and ginger.
  • Ground Palm candy when taken with makardhawaja and butter helps one recover from physical exhaustion.
  • Palm candy taken with chilled milk assists in sound sleep.
  • Regular intake of palm candy helps keep the body strong and energetic.

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Tal Mishri is a natural sweetener with centuries of tradition, is derived from the sap of palm trees. This golden-hued delicacy offers a healthier alternative to refined sugars, boasting a rich array of minerals and vitamins. Extracted using age-old techniques, the sap is heated and crystallized, resulting in delightful palm candy crystals that dissolve on the palate.

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